Kids room decorating ideas

  • The child needs a personal living space. It depends on you whether it will bring coziness and comfort into his daily life and contribute to its development. Many parents do not particularly go into the details of their child’s life, believing that a bed and a desk for doing lessons is enough. A separate children’s room or space is needed, a child should have a place to boast about: “I am the master here!” Therefore, do not underestimate the interesting child rooms ideas and think through your actions well. How to equip a kids room will be useful to know for someone who dating single moms.

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  • How does a room affect a child?

Children’s room décor matter at least because the room grows with the child. That is why parents should start by drawing a conditional plan. Try to make it proportional to your existing sizes. Designate on its windows, a radiator, an entrance door. Regardless of the location of items in the nursery, the following sectors should be present:

  • gaming – a place equipped for games and joint activities;
  • sleeping zone – his bed should be here;
  • sector for storing things and toys;
  • study area – for a desk or computer desk.

When arranging furniture, on the plan, consider the following iron rules:

  • the bed should not be the head of the radiator and the window – so you will protect the child from respiratory diseases;
  • poufs and chairs in the place for games should not have sharp corners – this reduces the risk of injuries during active games;
  • the flooring should be soft and warm – children like to lie, crawl, tumble and may catch a cold or get bruises.
  • one of the children’s rooms ideas is to locate cabinets for storing things and toys next to the play area.


  • Ideas for the kid’s room. Your home is your fortress and for children, their room is their whole universe. That is why any interesting kids’ bed idea will make your kid feel special, enjoy resting in his room and thank you a hundred times! Here are the basic children’s bedroom decorating tricks you can add to their room to refresh it and make cozier.
  1. Start small – just paint the walls

Just repaint the walls, and now the room looks completely different! This, by far, is the simplest, fastest and most affordable way to radically transform a children’s room. What colors are better to choose from? For example, if you want to use classic white as the main color for the walls, then the fourth wall can be made more colorful, fun and cheerful. Paint it in sunny yellow, pleasant lime or positive orange. For older children, you can give preference to more calm and muted shades, for example, universal gray or lilac – this will add some notes of elegance to the interior.


  1. Attention to detail: color again!

Bright color accents where you do not expect to see them, for example, inside the built-in cabinets or in the recesses of the shelves make the interior more stylish. Use these simple kids’ room ideas to make your design truly stylish. With such tricks, you can do without the hints of designers. Give preference to bright, saturated colors and choose accessories to match the interior to look harmonious.


  1. Why buy a new one if you can “reanimate” the old

Kids’ bedroom ideas should not necessarily include a total revision and replacement of all things, including furniture. If you are inclined to the budget option, do not be lazy to go to the flea market or browse through the “Give free” section on the social network – you will surely find a couple of interesting and stylish thingies and save a lot of money! Sometimes they have a slightly rugged look, but this can be fixed! A new layer of sunny yellow, delicate pink or refreshing green color will breathe a second life into these things and make them a great addition to the nursery interior.


  1. Pay attention to fittings

Whether you bought a new chest of drawers or use the old one – try changing the usual handles on the tables, chest of drawers or cabinets for unusual and stylish. Their diversity is huge today, and the cost is low, so if you find a truly original fitting, this will be a great budget, but stylish touch in the room.


  1. Add accessories

Kids room décor is fun and it gives you room for inspiration. A few cans of paint – and the boring room will turn into a beautiful, positive and modern children’s room. Add a couple of finishing touches: pick up decorative pillows and bedspreads as opposed to the basic color of the walls of the room. Give the interior a designer look by combining textile elements of various textures: large-knitted wool rug, velvet pillows, cotton bedding.


  • What colors are better not to use?

Psychologists have long noticed that color has a strong effect on the emotional and physical condition of a person. This fact is especially important to remember in relation to children, as they are much more susceptible than adults, and therefore are more responsive to external stimuli. In this regard, the color of the children’s room must be chosen with extreme caution.


Blue and cyan

Shades of blue tend to calm, restore strength, put thoughts in order, and rich blue tones help relieve emotional stress and help concentrate unnecessarily restless children. Therefore, it will be a children’s bedroom idea to use it mainly in the playing area.


The children’s room in green is suitable for both the fidget and the not-so-active kid. This color is associated with nature and tranquility, helps to relax, provides a healthy sleep and a surge of strength.


This sunny color warms, improves mood, tones up, activates the brain, and encourages creativity. Yellow shades help the child to study, and also make the interior of the children’s room very light, airy and positive.


As well as yellow, the orange color in child bedrooms inspires communication and makes the child more energetic. It stimulates appetite, therefore it is recommended for those children who have problems with nutrition.


If the child is inactive and prone to melancholy, then the red color will contribute to their activity and vitality. However, the use of such a bright color should be moderated and must be accompanied by softening colors, since an overabundance of red does not allow focus, interferes with relaxation and can cause aggression. In the room of a hyperactive baby, it is better to completely abandon the red shades.

  • Unique furniture for a kid’s room. Creating inventive children’s rooms designs is impossible without furniture that will stand out and create the main atmosphere.

Decide on the style

Harmony in the nursery is very important for the proper emotional development of the child.  One idea for kids’ rooms is to use their favorite cartoon as an inspiration. Beds in the form of carriages or cars will certainly delight your child. Most often, this furniture is modular, that is, the kit immediately includes all the necessary items in one design and execution.


Consider the age of the child

When choosing furniture for the nursery, it is important not to fail with its parameters: it is important to find that middle ground when it will fulfill all the functions assigned to it, but at the same time the room will not be cluttered and so crowded that it will be uncomfortable to move around and play.

It is necessary to provide for a huge number of shelves, bedside tables, and cabinets: there will now be not only toys but also textbooks, school supplies, a school uniform, etc. The bed is a very important element, the main condition is a solid base and a suitable mattress. Since children often like to jump on beds, it is better to buy a springless mattress. If you did not hang a sconce over the headboard, put a bedside table for a night lamp.


Environmentally friendly material

Furniture in the children’s room should be nice looking. But at the same time strong, reliable, withstand sometimes increased loads, be functional, safe and environmentally friendly. Not the most modest list of requirements greatly narrows the choice. So, wooden furniture is the most environmentally friendly, it is durable and beautiful, and its disadvantages include a cost. If you need to save money, you can choose a set of pine, but this material is easy to damage, so the games of an active child will inevitably lead to cracks and scratches.



Furniture should fully comply with the growth and parameters of the child. Buying furniture “for later” is a good background for saving, but by doing so, thrifty parents doom the child to inconvenience, the inability to use certain items. For example, if your kid is a sport one, fit sports furniture into his room. It is important here not only to choose a high-quality kit that can withstand all the loads but also to assemble and install it correctly, as the child’s safety directly depends on this.

  • Beauty, functionality, quality, and safety are the main criteria when choosing furniture for a kid’s room. When making purchases and choosing particular items, do not forget to consult with your children if they already have their own taste and opinion. But still, the emphasis should be on environmental friendliness, durability, and quality of furniture. Since it must withstand the child’s games and not cause injuries.