How to make your Master Bedroom more Romantic

Each person wants coziness and comfort always reigning in his bedroom, a pleasant atmosphere in the room is the first step to a good mood in the morning. The color of the walls, furniture, accessories plays an important role because even the internal state of a person in the room can depend on it. The desire to make the room more romantic is already a signal that you have been without a partner for too long.

Even healers of antiquity noticed that different shades of colors can have a positive or negative effect on the well-being and mood of a person. There is even a whole science – chromotherapy, which studies the effect colors have on people. So, today we will talk about romantic bedroom decorating and various lifehacks on how to choose among different bedroom styles to make this room the coziest in your home.

  • Why is the bedroom the most important room in the house?

A romantic bedroom has a warm and cozy atmosphere. It provides an opportunity to rest and calm after a hard day. It promotes intimacy. Couples’ bedrooms are often associated with softness, elegant details, and red accents. Here the emphasis is on emotions and content, and not on the order and form. This is a space where you can always be yourself.

The bedroom for its intended purpose is the most sensual room in the house. But there are styles that best match the transmission of a romantic mood. A light interior in neutral shades can itself be dull and boring if you do not fill it with elegant beautiful contents. The classic style can be surprisingly relaxing and romantic. Snow-white curtains and a rug bring softness to this bedroom. And the unusual shape of the canopy bed and gilding will make you feel like real royal representatives! The same goes for the romantic bedrooms in Provence style. Whitened wood, shabby paint, a little craquelure, lavender, beige, pale olive shades will make even the most callous hearts melt.

  • Bedroom Interior Ideas.

Spring is considered the most romantic time of the year. Bring it to your room forever and make it feel like the place where you can relax and recharge your mental batteries after a hard day with these simple adjustments.

  1. Canopy

Let’s start with the most difficult. Such a great variety of this piece of translucent matter is now offered in the market that we consider excuses to talk about the impossibility of realizing such a large-scale idea in your “most ordinary” bedroom. The canopy is incredibly beautiful, romantic and … dusty. Therefore, immediately think over a simplified system of operation. Removed, washed, dried, fixed. If everything will be as if by notes, we promise you: there will be even more positive emotions from such detail of romantic bedroom decorating.

  1. Curtains

If the windows of your bedroom face the sunny side and there are simply no curtains, we offer you, in addition to light-proof heavy curtains, also get translucent air curtains. In the afternoon, you can cover the windows with them. Just don’t leave the curtains dangling sadly from the bar. Be creative. Because most bedroom designs for couples include different fabrics and textures.

  1. Light

Proper lighting is incredibly important. A bright chandelier is not a solution, it is a problem. If you are not going to embroider the Temptation of St. Anthony with a small cross, then intensive lighting in the bedroom is useless to you. One of the couple room ideas is to focus on finding light bulbs that make the most “live” light. That is, it resembles the dense glow of the setting sun, a swarm of fireflies or dawn breaking through the foliage. The more shadows a particular lamp creates, the better.

  1. Plants

They haven’t come up with anything more romantic than walking under the moon. Fragrances of night flowers and a sleeping forest, rustling leaves and moonlight are also details of romantic bedroom decoration. To create a similar atmosphere in the bedroom is a task for a purposeful person who will not spare time and moral strength, but the result will be worth all the effort.

  1. Candles

You cannot simply do without them if you want to create a romantic atmosphere. Open fire is both coziness and warmth and the feeling of possessing a tamed fiery element. But first of all, the candles are incredibly romantic. And even if the presence of an open flame in a room scares you, candles can always be enclosed in a vessel or, even simpler, in the most ordinary can of sand.

  • What color is better not to paint the bedroom?

Chromotherapy can also be used in romantic bedroom ideas because the color is the energy that is transmitted in the form of various electromagnetic waves that affect people. The color scheme of the bedroom may be different, but it is not worth it to design the interior design exclusively in one pure color, better choose the optimal combination, where one color will be the main and the others will be accentual.

Let’s look at the primary colors:

  • Red. This color is quite aggressive, it has an exciting effect on the nervous system, but can only be used as an additional color. In a bedroom with red walls, regaining strength is very problematic.
  • Yellow. This is the color of creative energy; it harmonizes the processes of the nervous system. It can be used as the main one when decorating a restroom.
  • Orange. Something between yellow and red, as its main shades can be used – peach, apricot.
  • Green. It is considered one of the most harmonious colors, promotes relaxation, harmonization of the body. It can be used both as the primary and secondary colors.
  • Pastel shades. Creamy, ivory, beige, light green, cream are best suited for the bedroom. You can “revive” them with bright color accents.
  • It is believed that the blue tones in the bedroom interior relieve tension, relax, and also warm up mutual interest and improve the quality of sex. This is a great color choice for a sexy bedroom. Blue tones help to add a bit of romance to intimate life, make the atmosphere more tender and romantic.
  • Black. In large quantities, this color has a depressing effect on the body, so it is recommended to use it in the bedroom only in small


When choosing a color, many factors must be taken into account: for a bedroom with windows facing north, warm colors are preferable, and cold colors as for the south. With dark furniture and flooring, light shades combine better and vice versa.

An interesting option would be the so-called accent wall: it should be painted in a dark or bright tone and other walls in pastel. If you chose the light color as the main one, then carpet, curtains, bedspreads, pillows, accessories, and other elements can become bright accents.

  • Tips to make your Master Bedroom more Romantic.

Romantic bed ideas, tones, textures, and smells – here is the list of more tips about reviving your sleeping room.

A bed with a beautiful headboard

For a room to be called a bedroom, one bed is enough! And so that the feeling of romance does not leave you, the bed should evoke pleasant emotions and be pleasant to the touch. So take care not only about convenience and the right size but also about a beautiful headboard. A great example is the Eichholtz Boudoir headboard, ornate, sophisticated, and eye-catching.

Dimmed lighting

Try to have several lighting sources in the bedroom for any situation. A romantic mood will help to create a soft diffused light, and its sources must certainly be beautiful and stylish. The flickering radiance of Rivièra Maison Chatsworth decorative lamps is just what you need.

Beautiful bedding

The bedding should be such that you would rather want to touch it. But too bright shades can distract you from your soulmate, so muted or pastel shades, delicate and relaxing, non-screaming prints and patterns and materials that are pleasant to the touch, will do. Just like the PIERRE range kit from Svad Dondi.

A large mirror in an unusual frame

In any room decorated with a mirror becomes more spacious and brighter, and even the mirrors have some unusual attractive power and evoke a sense of mystery. No wonder they decide the fate of the heroes of fairy tales! So, a large floor mirror is an ideal decor item and the best assistant in creating a romantic atmosphere. Especially if it is such a magical mirror as Louvre by Selva.


Use interesting fabrics and rugs. To make the bedroom more comfortable, try decorating the bed with an unusual cloak, bedspread or blanket. Their material and texture will play a large role in the perception of the interior as a whole – for example, velvet, fur or silk will immediately create an atmosphere of comfort and luxury in which it is easy to relax. Interesting fabrics can be used in the decoration of the headboard, which is rightfully considered the most important accent in the design of the bedroom.

  • Decorating your bedroom, listen to your inner feelings: you should be comfortable in the room. If both the color is fashionable and the style is ultramodern, but the soul doesn’t lie, it is better to turn to traditional shades. Choose a comfortable sofa, a functional wall or a spacious wardrobe, as well as interesting bedroom sets. Enjoy the harmony of your home and a good rest in it.